What is a ductless split system?

A ductless split system is heat pump and/or air conditioning system with a compressor in an outdoor unit and an indoor unit with a fan.  These two units are connected by refrigerant piping that allows the system to transfer heat either into your home from outdoors in winter, or from your home to outdoors in summer. 


There are many configurations available, from one to eight indoor zones on a single outdoor unit, wall, floor & ceiling mounted indoor units, or a more traditional ducted air handler option.



How does it work?

In air conditioning mode, the compressor in the outdoor unit pumps refrigerant through the copper tubing, picks up heat from inside the conditioned space at the indoor unit and transfers it via the fan at the outdoor unit to the outdoors.  While in heating mode, exactly the opposite occurs.  



Why consider ductless?

  • Energy efficiency:  Save on utility bills with variable speed dc compressors that aren't available with conventional systems.  Seer ratings up to 33 and HSPF up 14.2 offer great savings over electric and propane heat.  
  • Low ambient heat pump operation:  With models capable of heating operation to -30 Degrees C, these systems are a great whole home heating option with the benefit of air conditioning in the summer.
  • An alternative to electric and propane heat.  If your homesite doesn't have access to natural gas, or to run a gas line would be too costly, a ductless split heat pump is a great way to save on your hydro and propane bills.  
  • Ideal for renovations and home additions
  • Perfect for one room applications.  Only want to keep your bedroom cool? No problem.
  • Low noise level, individual zone temperature control. 


What brands do you sell?

With a choice of multiple brands, we can choose the best equipment for your application at the best price.

  • Fujistu
  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic
  • LG


Why buy from a licensed contractor?

With a meticulous and professional installation you can expect years of trouble free operation from your new ductless split system.  All of our installations are fully permitted with the BC Safety authority and come with factory warranties.  You can be assured that we will be there for support and to answer questions before, during and after.  We will also treat your home or office as we do our own home, quality work every single time is an absolute guarantee.  






What kind of maintenance is involved?

Typically you can expect to clean your air filters every three months and a once a year thorough maintenance in the spring will keep your system running like the day it was installed.  



Most importantly, How will the system look in my home?

With the variety of indoor units available, you can be assured we will select a system that will fit right in to your home.  Don't want a unit on the wall in your living room? Lets look at a concealed air handler.  Rather not have a white indoor unit? Thats fine too, we can select something to fit every home and style.